Tobias Talks Rocks

SACRED ROCK ART (SRA2012) Workshops & Talks
Where Sacred Meets Science | Now Scheduling for 2016/2017

  • SRA Digiganic Artography ~ The Story & Creation of New Technology Seer is out seeing, check back later(using the most basic medium of rock as the organic symbolism) | There is a Digiganic Artography Expo designed to connect to the community post talks/workshops

  • SRA Mineral Photography ~ Angles, weather conditions, light frequencies, and effects

  • Mound-Builders ~ Based on the 1930’s book by Henry Clyde Shetrone and experience of local findings. That book quotes Jefferson and Washington several times on the topic of mound-builders being pre-historic with advanced knowledge, not Native Americans. And how “Indians” was a term assigned to several very unique cultures, as a cover all term, by uneducated people and early American journalist.

  • Stone Mountain’s Lesser Known Past & the Connection to the Sacred

  • Chattahoochee the Georgia Force ~ Mound-Builder sites and locations according to old maps, GA historians, and current literature that has been all but ignored

  • Preservation of GA Mound-Builder Artifacts & Sites Fund Raiser ~ To increase local land values

  • SRA Led by the Stars Dated by the Stones ~ Highlighting the 10 fine art pieces, how they came to be, and where they are going

  • Water, The Connection ~ How we can purify our lives through the study and uses of water as a healing tool (Photonic, Hexagonal, Ionic, Micro-clustered, 444Hz)

  • Local Georgia Names Locations & Lure ~ How the patterns reveal the sacred sites

  • Sacred Geometry of Minerals Related to Life

  • Higher Consciousness & the Pursuit of the Ancients ~ How Sacred Geometry plays into our past, present and future

  • The Flower of Life Today ~ The Architecture of Life & Energy

  • SRA/Co-Designed Workshops ~ To support local ancient practices and principles

With gratitude,
Tobias 'Ollin' Hiller

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