About Sacred Rock Art (SRA2012)


Throne Village near Atlanta, GA Airport
by Tobias 'Ollin' Hiller

 SACRED ROCK ART (SRA2012) is a journey and three plus (3+) year study of the sacred sites and artifacts of Georgia and surrounding areas of TN, KY, NC, FLA. What you see is the results of the natural connection with stones and stars. After examining the need for man to record information in stone all over the world and all throughout time, Tobias 'Ollin' Hiller has come up with a unique way to reorganize the organic matter of stone to reveal the symbolism of natural sacred geometry imagery.

Two very distinct art styles are here on display. There is 1) Symmetry or reciprocal based art pieces, and 2) Natural Stones with modified light frequencies and filters to reveal the almost “hidden in plain sight,” information on the surface of stone.  



 "Technology is allowing us to see in a way that opens the mind to explore all, using the most basic medium of rock, as the organic symbolism.”   Tobias 'Ollin' Hiller

SRA Provides ~ Custom fine art giclées canvas or prints | themed gallery showings | stage art | band art | transparencies | wall decals | light box art | device skins | yoga studio murals

Certificates of Authenticity provided with every fine art piece | Signed by Artist | Numbered Collections | 300 mil silver rag paper | high grade canvas


Digiganic Artography
Digiganic Artography © is Born (July 2012) ~ 
After visiting a sacred mound temple site in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Tobias Hiller started to edit photos and change perspectives of the natural features that he photographed. By standing at the perfect angle to the stones at certain times of day or with certain weather conditions when capturing the photos, he could see a new relationship with the information that is “hidden in plain sight.” More exploration was needed to make any kind of conclusion. As photos of sacred sites and stones were compiled, more repeating patterns emerged. Some appear to be organic and some appear to be carved with great complexity and evidence of physical anomalies in plain sight. Once Tobias mastered changing the light frequency to reveal hidden symbolism, Digiganic Artography was born. A new medium and practice of using ancient organic material to represent biological ideas and complex sacred geometry was created. These practices lead to Tobias reorganizing the organic information into a new digitally symmetrical or reciprocal format to study. “This is only the start of a larger technology unfolding itself.”

Style ~ Symmetrical representation of natural stone and crystal features as symbolism. When we look into the organic hues and the cuts of stones in a symmetrical or reciprocal decoded format, it reveals a new organic information system that is presented for investigation to those interested in seeing the biological symbolism and sacred geometry evident on the surface. There is an extremely complex, similarly reoccurring pattern of interlocked anamorphic or anthropomorphic biological faces, in a totem format as seen in multiple cultures. The stones seem to represent a theme of anamorphic beings breathing higher consciousness from each other through meditation and use of sacred geometry structures. All of the smaller totem style faces create a larger overall being. Even more unique is the fact that when rotated 180 degrees (upside down) a completely unique theme is presented.

Each final symmetrical photograph is, in essence, 2 separate pieces of artography depending on the chosen orientation. The full symmetrical process creates 5 unique pieces of art. This makes us examine the stones in a new way and investigate a deeper connection of how they can help us connect to our surroundings.

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