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Chocolate & Art Show Atlanta Oct 2015, SRA Events -

L.A.'s underground art show Chocolate and Art Show Atlanta hits Paragon Studios Oct 2015 & SRA was there to take part with some decadent chocolate treats. Yum!. Over 150 artists were hanging & patrons from all over the country. Thank you C&A Show Atl.



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Cultivate the Arts -

These days, whether it be what I breathe drink eat see hear play smell touch or write, I try my best to make it an art form. I try to see the wonder, the value, the purity, the truth in every medium, then cultivate my community to raise the vibration of those around me. It makes things more interesting and fun it seems. I'm still human and make mistakes, but rising higher with every challenge. How do you cultivate the arts and your community? Let's hear some real life experiences and inspirations that we can all practice together.  

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SRA Events, SRA Premiere 2014 -

Thanks to the Pheonix & Dragon Bookstore for hosting the SRA Premiere. The response was overwhelming. "My meditation was much stronger with the presence of Sacred Rock Art in the studio." More pictures coming soon...

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